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How To Maintain Your Wooden Garden Shed?

Wooden sheds require far more maintenance than any other type of shed. Not only can they be prone to exposure to the rain and sun, they can also be tempting to wood worm insects!

Before you even think about reconditioning your garden shed and applying any paint or varnish, it must be cleaned and sanded down to ensure the best finish possible. This blog post outlines some basic tips to help extend the lifespan of your shed!

How to clean your wooden shed?

Preparation is key when it comes to cleaning your garden shed. It’s best to inspect your shed before you start painting and remove any dust, cobwebs and dirt off the shed with a brush.

It can be difficult to pinpoint a specific product for cleaning as there are a wide range of options available to you (different types of brushes, cloth materials and lukewarm soapy water).

Lookout for any areas on the shed that may be damp as this will need to be treated before you start. Finally check the condition of any of the shed windows as well. Is the wood that is holding them in place still in excellent condition? If not, then these sections of the fence will also need to be replaced before the painting process to prevent any further rotting.

How often should you treat a wooden shed?

Treat your wooden shed like an investment, you have spent a fair amount of money on the shed that provides security for storage, and a relaxation space. It is good to treat your shed on a fairly regular basis so that it prevents damage from all weather conditions.

A general rule of thumb to follow is every 12 months. Treating a wooden shed once a year is the best option and can keep your shed in good condition for many years to come. This will allow the shed to sustain a strong core layer that fights off water damage and prevents the wood from rotting.

What products should I use for cleaning my wooden shed?

Cleaning a wooden shed is often the hardest, due to its material and the way that it is most susceptible to damage and rotting. There are a wide range of alternative options available for cleaning (nylon brushes, cloths, soapy water).

It is advisable to use wooden soap and warm water to bring out the natural shine of stained wood. Please note that if you have already painted the wood then this option is not possible.

A garden shed that is already painted can be cleaned simply by using a bucket of warm water and a soft sponge. For bigger stains on the shed, use the rough side and move in circular motions but with light pressure to avoid any scratching and damage to paint

What paint for a wooden shed?

Deciding on the best paint for your garden shed depends upon individual colour preference, type of finish you want and overall budget.

Modern garden paints are now available, and are resistant to weathering. A lot of exterior wood paint offers you 10 year guarantees making them sustainable in severe weather conditions, and is perfect for the long term care of wooden sheds.

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By practising good maintenance for your garden shed on a regular basis every year, you will notice that it lasts a lot longer than if you haven’t bothered going through the routine above.

If you are looking to purchase a garden shed, or would like more assistance in the maintenance process, we can help! Get in touch with our friendly team by filling out an enquiry form or call us on 01608 643 784.