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How to Clean Your Conservatory


With summer just around the corner, you want your garden to be ready for the warmer months. Your bulbs are planted, your grass has been cut, and you’re just about to sit down to relax with a cold drink when you notice how dirty your conservatory is.

To keep your conservatory looking newer for longer, it’s recommended that you clean it regularly. This helps to keep the chore short and sweet rather than becoming a gruelling task that takes hours at a time.

Cleaning the Roof

First things first, you should invest in some specialised cleaning equipment. The majority of conservatory roofs aren’t designed to carry heavy loads – therefore if you try to stand, sit, or walk across it, you may end up needing to replace the entire thing. To avoid this happening, you should consider purchasing a tool and step ladder that allows you to clean the roof safely, without climbing across the roof. The step ladder helps to achieve the necessary height, and see from all angles to ensure the job is done properly.

Whether you choose a regular sponge that has an extendable handle or a telescopic pole that allows for soap and water to be pumped along the handle is your choice. Using soaps that are specifically designed for outdoor use will help to loosen any residue before you begin the wipe down.

Once you’re done with the brush you should give the roof a rinse down, with either a hose or a pressure washer, to remove any remaining soap. It’s important that you take care not to wash down the ventilated ridge that is featured on most conservatories, as it will cause your conservatory to leak inside.

Cleaning the Windows and Frame

When cleaning your conservatory windows and frames, we’d recommend starting outside. This helps to see which smudges and fingerprints are on the inside. All it takes is a bowl of warm, soapy water and a clean cloth or sponge to remove any dirt. You should begin by gently wiping the windows, and returning to any tougher patches of dirt for a more vigorous clean. After you have done this, a once-over with a squeegee will remove any remaining water.

You can then wipe your windows down with a microfiber cloth to ensure that no streaks are left on your windows. To clean the inside of the windows, just repeat this process.

Cleaning the frames follows the same practice, however, it’s important to remember that the longer you wait to clean them, the harder the job will be. This is a task that should be kept on top of so that it only takes a simple wipe down each time.

If your conservatory has timber frames, don’t forget to treat the wood after cleaning.

Clean Your Gutters

Finally, once you have cleaned your roof, and the interior and exterior of your conservatory, you should consider cleaning your gutters. You should aim to remove any debris from your gutters at least twice a year to reduce blockages and leaks.

If you need advice regarding your conservatory or are looking to purchase a new conservatory, please get in touch with Norton Leisure Buildings. Our conservatories are available in uPVC and timber and can be custom made to your specifications. We serve customers throughout Oxford, Buckingham and the surrounding areas, we also have a public show site in Chipping Norton.