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How To Grow Plants in a Greenhouse?


Greenhouses are an extremely useful tool for people who want to grow vegetables or other plants year-round. In England, it can get very cold causing plants to die outside, read this article to learn more about how to keep your plants happy in the greenhouse.


What Are Greenhouses Good For?

Greenhouses can be extremely useful especially for people in the UK. This helps to give vegetables an earlier start than if you were just to plant then straight to the outdoors. This is because it shields them from harsh cold weather in winter and early spring.

As well as allowing you to start your vegetable growing process earlier on in the year, greenhouses also allow you to plant more exotic, heat-loving plants, even in England.


How to use a Greenhouse?

You can get many different types of greenhouses, whether you just need a simple glass structure or a full heated room. Although having a basic greenhouse may be enough for some people, the extra amenities allow you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Having lighting allows you to go out in the dark (this is especially useful during the shorter days in winter) and having a heating system allows you to grow anything, all year round.


The ideal temperature for a greenhouse is around 25-30 degrees celsius so learning how to regulate the temperature is an important lesson. Greenhouses mainly work by using the sun’s rays to heat the air inside, however, on a hot day the air can easily rise to 40 degrees celsius which could be too hot for the plants which could kill them.


All greenhouses should have vents whether this is on the side of the roof, this allows air to escape and allow cooler air in. So depending on how hot or cold it is outside, you can adjust the vents. Again there are extras that you can buy that will make this process easier like automatic vents which can sense when they should open or close.


Another option to adjust the temperature of the greenhouse is to use shade cloth. These work like a curtain, allowing to cover the greenhouse in summer to cool it down and then take them off in winter to allow more light in.

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