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How to Keep your Greenhouse Warm Through Winter


As we’ve discussed in the past, greenhouses are a great way to keep your plants growing well throughout the year, however, it can be quite difficult to keep it working and warm through the bitter winter. So in this post, we’ve put together a few key tips to achieve the perfect environment.

Regular Temperature Checks

Installing a thermometer is the best way to keep an eye on the temperature of the greenhouse and allows you to keep it in check at any time. 

Invest In An Effective Heating System

There are a variety of ways you can keep your greenhouse at the ideal temperature. Whether you choose to use an electric or non-electric option, there several options to choose from including electric heating to fan systems. Propane and paraffin heaters are also an alternative where electricity isn’t available.

Choosing The Best Temp

Some plants might require more warmth than others and this can also be a waste of fuel and electricity too. We’d recommend establishing the appropriate temperatures to make it easier to organise your plants so any that require the extra heat are kept together.

Keep The Glass Clean

As winter usually brings significantly shorter days and longer nights, it is important your plants receive as much light as possible. Keeping your greenhouse glass clean and fog-free is very beneficial to the growth of your plants. 


All of your plants will need a good ventilation system to help them grow healthy and strong. It can also stop any fungal diseases spreading, so always check your greenhouse is well ventilated all year round.

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